2017 Summer Dockage Rate Schedule



1) Three ways to make your summer dockage payment:   a) Column #7 – Pay in full by cash or by check by November 30, 2016 the
     amount in column #7 for a 5% early payment discount; or b) Column #9 – Pay in full by credit card by November 30, 2016 the
     amount in column #9 for a 2% early payment discount; or  c) Column #10 – Return your application with the one third deposit
     in column #10 and then make the other two payments shown in column #11 by 2/15/17 and in column #12 by 4/15/17.
2) All discounts are based on column #5 (full rate in column #3 less the winter storage credit in column #4).  Customers winter
     storing receive 100% of the winter credit so there is no upfront discount on the winter credit.  2017 Discounts are: 5% Cash Full Pay
     (column #6); 2% Credit Card Full Pay (column #8); 5% New Boater and 10% Active Duty Police/Fire/Military.
3) A one-month proration (one-seventh of the full rate in column #3) will be credited to all summer rental customers toward their
     winter storage at BMH.  No refunds of this credit if boat leaves for winter.  See Column #4 above.  
4) The summer lease term runs from April 1st to October 31st.  There are no refunds for boats leaving the Marina prior to
     October 31st.
5) Overall boat length must be such that the boat can be berthed and not extend more than 4′ beyond the catwalk end pilings.
     Be aware beam sizes listed above can vary by several inches from well to well.
6) There is no drive-up parking for wells W (1-11) and T (1-10).  Assigned parking is provided a short distance from the well location.
7) Rates are discounted above because W (1-2) are pier docks and W (13 – 27) have no grass area and are located along Bldg #8.
     A (1-38) are in higher activity area with the hoists, shops, rack bldg & bathhouse.
8) B Row and N Row wells are individually metered.  Meters are put into Lessee’s name and  electric charges are billed to the
     Lessee by DTE Energy.
9) Rates for N-16 & N-46 are discounted due to the electrical equipment located in the grass area in front of the wells.  The rate
     for Well C-37 is discounted because it has a narrow 10′ beam.
10) Your true net summer cost before any discounts is shown in Column #5.  This assumes that you winter store at BMH and the
       October winter credit paid upfront is used as a credit toward your winter storage.
11) Maximum limit of $700 for total discounts allowed combining new boater, early payment and/or active duty police/fire/
       miltary discounts.  The second boat discount is not subject to the $700 limit.  However, no other discounts (new boater,
       Police /Fire/Military) may be included on a second boat excepting that the early payment discount can be combined.