2017 Rack Storage Rates



1) There are three ways to make your 2017 annual rack payment:
     a) Column #4 – Pay the amount in column #4 in full by cash or check with your application by 11/30/16 (5% discount).
     b) Column #6 – Pay the amount in column #6 in full by credit card with your application by 11/30/16 (2% discount).
     c) Column #7 – Return your application with the one third deposit shown in column #7 with your application by 11/30/16
          and then make the other two payments shown in column #8 by 2/15/17 and in column #9 by 4/15/17.
2) The overall length in column #1 is the maximum overall length of the boat (including any swim platforms, bow pulpits,
     outboard motors, etc.) allowed in this rack.  Two feet will be added to boat lengths on all boats with outboard motors.
3) If it is necessary to adjust the rack height to accommodate a taller boat, Lessee will be subject to a higher
     rental rate than that listed in column #2.  When a rack is raised, the height lost in the racks above or below will
     restrict the size of boats that can be stored in those racks.  In effect, pricing is based on the cubic feet occupied.
4) The last in & out service date before winter storage is September 30th.  All boats must be winterized by
    October 15th.  There is no access to the boats in the racks during the winter.
5) In & out service resumes on April 15th.  75% of the annual rate is allocated to the summer season to account
    for the in & out services provided during the summer season.
6) The term “personal watercraft” or “PWC” is defined as a Jet Ski or waverunner type craft less than 10′ in length.
     Jet boats and inflatables do not fall under personal watercraft pricing.  Lessee must provide wheeled dolly and lifting straps. 
     There is no storage for trailers available at the Marina.  The four racks reserved for PWC’s will accommodate up to 21 PWC’s.
7) Rack customers are not allowed to keep a golf cart at the Marina.
8) All payments under the Early Payment Discount program are nonrefundable.
9) To qualify for the second boat discount, you must have two rental contracts with the Marina.  Condo Owners with a boat
     in the rack building do not qualify. Due to limited availability, PWC’s do not qualify for a second boat credit.